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Brake and Shock Absorber Inspections and Replacements in Uttoxeter

We supply and install a range of brakes and shock absorbers. Our team have over 90 years of combined experience, making them extremely knowledgeable and capable of spotting any potential issues. Give us a call today to arrange a free-of-charge inspection. 

Brakes & Shocks at Competitive Prices

Both your brakes and your shock absorbers play vital roles in the safety and maintenance of your vehicle. Your braking system can become worn down over time, posing a serious safety threat. Our team offer free inspections of both your full brake systems and shock absorbers to check that they are correctly and safely fulfilling their duties. If there are any issues or safety concerns, we can offer replacements at competitive prices on a same-day basis.

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Brakes Inspection & Replacement

Well maintained brakes are essential to ensure the safety of your vehicle. At Tyreways Ltd, our technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of braking systems.

If you are worried about the performance of your brakes, hear grinding noises, feel a spongy feeling when you press the brake pedal, or spot a loss of brake fluid - these are all tell-tale signs that there is an issue with your system. Give our friendly team a call and we'll carry out a thorough inspection for you - free of charge!

If you need new pads, discs, or drums, we can fit them for you while you wait.

Shock absorber replacements and suppliers in Uttoxeter

Shock Absorber Replacements

Shock absorbers are essential to keep your vehicle's wheels firmly on the road and maintain its performance. Braking, cornering, and road holding are all impaired by worn shock absorbers. Worn shocks also dramatically reduce the life of your tyres.

At Tyreways Ltd we can supply a full range of shock absorbers for most vehicles and our highly trained and experienced staff will fit them fast for you - at prices that won't give you a shock!

Ensure you get the most out of your tyres with our computerised wheel alignment. Speak with us in Uttoxeter today on 01889 564216

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